Dental Office Whitening

Dental Office Teeth Whitening

Dental office whitening was one of the first cosmetic procedures that gained popularity. Sure, the benefit of having a professional with you during the teeth whitening process is great. The fact of the matter is, it costs a lot of money.

What About Dental Office Whitening Makes It Work?
The first step is when you go into see the Dentist for an evaluation. The second time that you go in is when you will get the full treatment. The Dentist will fit a rubber shield into your mouth in order to protect your gums.

Then, your teeth will get painted with a highly concentrated bleaching gel. A special light is occasionally used in order to speed up this bleaching method. This can last anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour. Sometimes you will have to finish this up with a second Dentist visit.

Does This Actually Produce Results?
The effects on dental office whitening is known to last longer than other teeth whitening methods. Usually people will see a great result after the first visit.

Supervised by a professional
Dramatic results
Very expensive
Can cause tooth and gum sensitivity
Dentist appointments
The Bottom Line on Dental Office Whitening
When you actually use this method, you will experience the ease of going through this with someone that is educated to deal with this type of procedure. This means that you will see great results from your visit. However, it can cause your teeth and gums to become more sensitive than what they are.

You will also need to expect to pay thousands of dollars for this procedure. There are teeth whitening kits that can give you just about the same results without costing you an arm and a leg.