Brush-on Whitening

Brush-on Teeth Whitening Gel

Brush on whitening gel can be found at your neighborhood pharmacy. It is available over-the-counter without a prescription. It is actually a pretty simple whitening method, all you do is brush it onto your teeth and let it sit there for a little bit.

What’s the secret behind brush on teeth whitening?

There’s not really a big secret behind this teeth whitening product. Brush on teeth whitening uses peroxide in order to create the whitening process. Peroxide bleaches the surface stains using an oxidation process that is created by most teeth whitening methods.

Will It Really Whiten My Teeth?

Don’t get your hopes up, you should expect the bare minimum of whitening when you use brush on teeth whitening. It can make a slight difference, but to be honest it probably won’t make enough of a difference to make you happy with your teeth. The main issue is that it needs to stay on your teeth for quite a while in order for it to work effectively. This isn’t really achievable since saliva will just make it impossible to stay on your teeth. The end result can leave you with blotches on your teeth.


  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to use (theoretically)


  • Tastes awful
  • Can cause blotchy teeth
  • Minimal whitening power

The Bottom Line 411 on Brush Gel

It won’t cost you much money out of your pocket and it sure isn’t that hard to use. Don’t let that sell you on it though. It tastes really bad, can leave blotches on your teeth and it doesn’t even work that well. With that said, it isn’t very easy to be able to recommend that you use a brush on teeth whitening gel in order to achieve the white teeth that you’re seeking.